A device that helps you know yourself better.

A wearable brain computer interface that can track one's mental and emotional behaviour.

BrainEd enhances the learning experience.

Accompanied by next edge technology .

So... How do we do that?

Using a lightweight size adjustible wearable headset, BrainEd records the EEG data of the wearer.

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Size is not a concern.

Adjustible band for all sizes.

Best accuracy.

Pure silver electrodes for accurate EEG data.

Lasts longer than you ;)

More than 8 hours of battery backup.

Seamless connection.

Wifi based device.

Product pricing.

You know what's right for you.

Base package.


Earlier ₹24,999
  • 1 year-plan included
  • BrainEd included
  • Later billed at ₹4,999 per year
  • Priority support
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Pro package.


Earlier ₹34,999
  • 3 year-plan included
  • BrainEd included
  • Later billed at ₹4,999 per year
  • Priority support
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Pro+ package.


Earlier ₹44,999
  • 5 year-plan included
  • BrainEd included
  • Later billed at ₹4,999 per year
  • Priority support
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Everything is covered.

Our extensive research makes sure that nothing comes in your way.

  • CE-certified
  • ROHS-certified
  • Indeginous software
  • Seamless website
  • 1 year warranty on hardware
  • Physical damages not covered
  • Patented design


Are these safe from battery leakage?

Packed with an MCDS-certified battery, battery leakage is not a problem.

Do you have hidden fees?

What you see is what it is, we believe in a frank and honest engagement with the customer.

Do they have any long-term side effects?

The highly researched and highly advanced EEG sensors procured from Switzerland have no side effects. The sensors simply capture information from the brain without the flow of any current.

How often do you release updates?

The devices will receive an OTA update every 6 months. So close your eyes and leave the rest to us, We'll make sure you have the latest technology.

What is your refund policy?

100% refund upon cancellation within 30 days of subscription purchase. 50% refund on cancellation post delivery.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at info@nexactlysolutions.com

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