Join our program to get a better understanding of Artificial intelligence and its applications. Moreover, learn about Machine Learning, Deep learning, and neural networks to strengthen your knowledge as well as get a deep insight into the latest innovations.

1. Basics of python
2. Object Oriented programming in python
3. Introduction to Neural Networks
4. Tensor arrays and vectors
5. Dot product and Vector Addition.
6. Activation Functions - Sigmoid Activation, ReluActivation, Soft Max
7. Loss Function - Squared Error, Categorical Cross entropy loss
8. Gradient Descent
9. Tensor Flow
10. Coding Neural Network From scratch,
11. Hands on project on - Feed Forward Neural Network on Real world data set.

The first 10 students will get an exclusive merchandise from nexactly solutions.

Students who will participate in this workshop will get a certificate.

Date 27, 28th Feb, 5-8 PM

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